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Latin Auto Parts Expo

July 14, 2020 @ 8:00 am - July 17, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

$36 – $600

Organized By    :           LATIN EXPO GROUP LLC

Venue               :           Atlapa Convention Center, Panama, Republic of Panama

Date                 :           14th – 17st July, 2020

Exhibits Profile :

Chemicals & Car Care Additives- cooling system, Additives- transmission, Anti-freeze, Brake fluid, Lubricants- all purpose, Lubricants- chassis & wheel (grease), Lubricants- gear, Oil- engine, Oil- lubricating, Starting fluid, Transmission fluid
Parts & Components Air conditioning compressors, Air conditioning condensers, Air conditioning evaporators, Air conditioning hoses, Air conditioning parts, Alternators & parts, Battery terminals, Bearings- engine, Bearings- non engine, Bell housings & components, Belts- fan and accessory drive, Bolts- rod/head/special application, Brake cylinders, Brake rotors, Brake shoes and pads, Carburetor parts & kits, Carburetors, Circuit breakers, Clutch covers & discs ,Control arms & parts, CV joints, Drive shaft supports, Drive shafts, EGR control valves & parts, Electrical cables, Electronic/electric connectors/wire harness, Engine valves and parts, Exhaust pipes, Filters- air, Filters- oil, Filters- transmission, Fittings & tubings, Fuel injectors & parts-gas, Fuel injectors-Diesel, Fuel pressure regulators, Fuel pumps & parts, Gaskets- engine (incl. rebuild kits), Gauges- fuel, Gauges- oil pressure, Gauges- temperature, Gear drives, Harmonic balancers, Hubs- axle, Idler arms, Ignition cables, Ignition caps/rotors, Ignition coils, Ignition distributors, Lifters, Master cylinder kits & parts, Master cylinders, Module- electronic control/ECM, Motors- windshield washer/wiper, Mounts- Motor/Transmission, O rings, Oil pumps & parts, PCV valves, Piston rings, Pistons, Pumps- power steering, Radiators- standard replacement, Regulators- fuel pressure, Relays, Rocker arms/assemblies & parts
Tools & Equipment Air conditioning service equipment, Air wrench/impact guns, Brake repair tools, Cooling system service equipment, Diagnostic equip- engine system, Engine flushing equipment, Gauges- Air conditioning service, Gauges- pressure testing, Hose- air (shop), Paint spray guns, Pullers- standard & special purpose, Pulleys, Sanders- pneumatic, Sockets/ratchets/etc., Torches- gas, Torque wrenches, Wire strippers
Vehicles Trailers
Tires & Wheels Studs- tire
Custom Carburetor adapters & products ,Insulating products, Spark plug wire separators

Participation      :           Raw Space        : $ 440 Per Sqm (min. 36 sqm) + $ 600 (Electricity) + $ 100 WiFi


Shell Scheme    : $ 481 Per Sqm + $100 WiFi

  • sqm Standard Shell Scheme Package will include)
·      1 Ttable

·      4 Chairs

·      1 Spot lights

·      1 Power point

·      Fascia name

·      One wastebasket

·      Carpet for the stand area

Contact for       :           Praveen Kumar

Exhibits                        +91 8460843305



July 14, 2020 @ 8:00 am
July 17, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
$36 – $600


Atlapa Convention Center, Panama, Republic of Panama



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